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Oralmat productsOralmat for Sports
In a study conducted for mild to moderate asthmatics, patients taking Oralmat reported greater improvements in well-being, asthma symptoms and ability to exercise. Not only may Oralmat improve the performance of athletes but it could also be vitally important to anyone who exercises so vigorously that their immune system is not strong enough to ward off coughs, colds or infections. Nowadays many sportsmen, footballers, rugby players and boxers in particular seem to suffer from chest infections, the first two most probably due to all of the pollution in the atmosphere and the fact that during exercise the lungs inhale and exhale far more of this polluted air. With pollution levels at such a high level and the increased stress placed on modern day sportsmen, Oralmat would seem a logical choice to keep the immune system in prime condition due to its properties and the fact that it is a natural product. As well as the probable advantages of using the drops, the spray and cream should also be considered for any cuts, grazes, cramps, strains, swellings or bruising that sportsmen inevitably suffer from time to time.

Oralmat for Children
Being the proud father of three led me to include this section, as my children are the beneficiaries of all three of these wonderful products. Although Oralmat drops are recommended for children of over six years, my three children all have two drops every night to ward off any coughs, colds or infections that they might contract. My children when I first started to give them the drops were 5 yrs, 3yrs, and fourteen months old. A further testimony to the integrity of the products. Inevitably with three children so young; cuts, grazes, bruises and swellings from tripping, falling and walking into doors etc., are a normal everyday occurrence which is where the spray and cream come in very useful. Not only do they heal speedily but also the analgesic effects are virtually instant and the crying soon disappears. I believe every mother should have these in her first aid kit.

Oralmat for Pets
Yes – these three wonderful products are also useful for animals. Racehorse trainers are known to use them to both rid their horses of the ‘strangles’ and to help them to perform better. In one respect, horses also suffer from our polluted atmosphere much the same as athletes. Greyhound trainers are also known to use them to rid their dogs of kennel cough and also to improve their performance. Obviously the spray and cream also comes in useful for horses ‘striking into’ themselves and for dogs who cut their paws or pads whilst racing or simply out for a walk.

In Conclusion
In short, the Oralmat range is so unobtrusive and user friendly that virtually any man, woman, child or animal can benefit from using them and although the manufacturers have to date, yet to have a report of any adverse reaction to their products, anyone who has an allergy to ryegrass must be cautious. It has to be added that anyone who contemplates using the Oralmat range should never discontinue with any prescribed medication without first consulting their medical practitioner and should always call us if they have any questions regarding the use of any of these products.

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