The nursing staff at Mahogany Lodge Private Nursing Home have used Acno, anti-acne cream cleanser successfully on a sacral pressure sore of a diabetic resident. We applied the Acno, three times daily over a three-week period.

Acno has been used twice daily since the healing and there has been no deterioration.

The nursing staff had previously used other preparations such as Duoderm and Betadine together with pressure relief without success.

Yours sincerely

Helen Ingram. A.D.O.N.


Dear Pam

At present, there is a very talented nurse attending to Kathleen's dressings (daily) & today we all had a chat over progress, etc. The nurse several days previous, noticed some small blister like areas, that would be the prelude to more ulcers, given time. She put some Acno cream on them & they vanished! (this has happened twice). Since leaving hospital, 2 weeks ago, there has been no more smell.

The ulcers are "filling in" (deep before) & big islands of new flesh, appearing. She then referred to the notes & endorsements you sent me & said, “that is what is written here! I shall take these notes & get a copy. I am most impressed.” The fact is, (general agreement on this) that the condition of the leg was very bad....and now it has been turned around, i.e.. in 2 weeks we can all see an improvement! Apparently, the pain, is to do with the forming of new tissue, (nurses opinion) over such large areas.

The nurse is most impressed with the date Re Oralmat spray. (the reason she want to have the information on hand, re these products.) However, for the meantime, she will continue with the Acno cream. The reality is...she is the only one who has had the opportunity to observe the progress with Acno, & I must add, she is very pleased & willing to give it credit, well done Pam! Perhaps there is a long way to go yet & I must be patient...but I am sure that as long as "the smell" remained, there seemed little hope of recovery.

Thanking you

Conrad & Kathleen


Dear Pam,

Just writing to thank you very much for introducing me to the new Oralmat product. My 8-month-old son has suffered from chronic ear infections, previously treated with antibiotics, resulting in thrush in his mouth & digestive system. The third ear infection including a fever, was gone in one day using Oralmat drops in his ears & mouth. I have had no more trouble since. The thrush took a little longer to go & I persevered with Oralmat spray on the inside of his cheeks & Oralmat drops in his mouth once daily. It was gone after 2 weeks of constant treatment.

My 2 and a half-year-old daughter also suffered from school sores. By rubbing the anti-acne Oralmat cream into the sores gently, they were gone within a week. The doctor had prescribed me an antibiotic & I never even needed to use it. I would totally recommend this product to any mother with young children even just for normal cuts & grazes. I keep it in my cupboard & use it for anything.

Once again thank you so much for your advice.

Georgina Herd


I am a type 2 diabetic. For the last 9 weeks I have had a severe infection on my lower leg. It started out as a bite or scratch (I'm not sure) and became infected and purulent. The Skin turned dark, and then flaming red. Instead of healing, the infection began to spread to other areas of my lower leg. Along with edema, the skin became so fragile and sore to touch that I could hardly bear to do anything. My doctor prescribed a dose of antibiotics that didn't seem to affect it. At the end of six weeks, I was at my wit's end and turned to Google on the Internet and searched for "sores" and "ulcers".

I found your link to Oralmat and ordered both the Acno cream and the Oralmat wound healing spray. I waited anxiously for a week for it to arrive. During that time, my leg worsened. My dermatologist suggested that I might need to go to hospital for IV medication, since the oral antibiotics were not helping. She prescribed yet a different antibiotic, a new cream, and sent me home to elevate my leg.

The next day my order from you arrived. I immediately used the spray which instantly alleviated the itching and throbbing of my wound. I was away from my home for a few days and unfortunately left the doctor's prescribed cream at home. I had kept the Oralmat spray and Acno cream in my purse so for the next few days I continued taking my oral antibiotic, used the wound healing spray during the day and the Acno cream at night.

By the time I returned home the sores on my leg were much better, the pain had subsided and the itching was gone. This was a miracle.

I had tried EVERYTHING!

I never did go back to the doctor's cream. I am still treating my leg with the spray and Acno cream. In only a week the pustules dried up, the skin toughened up and the redness from the infection has receded. In case someone thinks that it was the antibiotic, remember that I had been taking oral antibiotics for over 6 weeks with no visible change.

Thank you for a wonderful product!

Reenie Rousseau
Denton, Texas - USA.


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