Coughs, Colds & Sore Throats

Dear Monty Rudov

I had the occassion to try out your product "Oralmat" which is known to me as anti-cold, flu & sore throat drops.

For three weeks I was suffering from severe cold & sinusitis which resulted in me getting a bad cough associated with a sore throat.

I was taking 2 drops of Oralmat three times daily. My continuous nature of coughing throughout the night stopped totally on the 2nd night of using Oralmat drops. Now thanks to you Monty, I am absolutely normal.

Being a veterinary Surgeon by proffession & having had the experience of working for a multi-national pharmaceutical company in India (Hoechst) for over 17 years I have no hesitation in recommending Oralmat for flu associated with cold, sinusitis, sore throat & coughing.

I am under the impression Oralmat is a product with a future.

Good luck and thank you.

Yours sincerely
Dr G Anand Mohan

Dear Mr Rudov

Just a note to record my experience using your product Oralmat drops

I saw a report about Oralmat on T.V. and decided to give it a try, after having had a persistent and consistant cough for more than six years.

In 1994 my GP sent me to a specialist physician who tested, and diagnosed an asthma type allergy to dust and pollen. I had a series of anti-allergen injections, and have been using Asinol as well as Flitoxide ever since, but with no relief whatsoever.

During Sept-Nov this year, this coughing actually broke ribs on several occassions.

After one week of Oralmat this cough disappeared to my great delight and relief and I can only say thank you very much.

I am continuing to use Oralmat as required and no other medications.

Keep up the good work.

Michael Hoare


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