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Oralmat productsIf you need more evidence that Oralmat is an outstanding product, read through genuine testimonials from real users below.

"After one week of Oralmat this cough disappeared"

"In 1994 my G.P. sent me to a specialist physician who tested, and diagnosed an asthma type allergy to dust and pollen. I had a series of anti-allergen injections, and have been using Asinol as well as Flixotide ever since, but with no relief whatsoever. During Sept-Nov. this year, this coughing actually broke ribs on several occasions!!
After one week of Oralmat this cough disappeared to my great delight and relief, and I can only say thank you so very much. I am continuing to use Oralmat as required, and no other medications"

Michael Hoare

"Fever was gone in one day using Oralmat"

"My 8-month-old son has suffered from chronic ear infections, previously treated with antibiotics, resulting in thrush in his mouth & digestive system. The third ear infection including a fever was gone in one day using Oralmat drops in his ears & mouth. I have had no more trouble since. The thrush took a little longer to go & I persevered with Oralmat spray on the inside of his cheeks & Oralmat drops in his mouth once daily. It was gone after 2 weeks of constant treatment.
My 2 and a half-year-old daughter also suffered from school sores. By rubbing the anti-acne Oralmat cream into the sores gently, they were gone within a week. The doctor had prescribed me an antibiotic & I never even needed to use it. I would totally recommend this product to any mother with young children even just for normal cuts & grazes. I keep it in my cupboard & use it for anything.

Georgina Heard

"Excellent results for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"

"I have found excellent results for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies and a range of other conditions using your wonderful Oralmat Spray. I was hoping to be able to buy your Oralmat spray (prefer the spray) or drops if you have no stock of the spray left."

Rachael Jones

"Made breathing a lot easier"

"I am grateful for the relief I received from your product, "Oralmat". It has calmed me down and made breathing a lot easier. As an Emphysema sufferer, it has been of great benefit and would recommend it for temporary relief for similar conditions. Thanks once again.

F. Williams

"My lung function has increased dramatically"

"I have been suffering from mild asthma for about 7 years, mainly being sports induced asthma. I don't take medication in everyday life except when I go out cycling. I gave Darren a ring to ask about Oralmat and what it can do for me; being very sceptical about it. I decided to buy some and I have never looked back. Last weekend I went out cycling for the first time in 7 years without using my inhaler, with no tight chest at all. My lung function has increased dramatically. To say the least Oralmat is unbelievable and would recommend it to anybody suffering from asthma, if it worked for me it will work for anybody!

Edward Fletcher

"Personally it is one product that I will not be without"

"I am a bank manager in a large department with my own section. In October last year my asthma suddenly became unstable and I ended up at casualty during the night about once a month for five months on the trot. My wife Diane had found Darren's web site and got in touch with him and I started taking Oralmat with my inhalers as well. 
 My Doctor told me when he signed me off that I had been very close to total respiratory failure. My average peak flow at the beginning was about 350 and I am 6ft 2 inches, and now sometimes I have reached 640 but on average 600. 
All I can say is if you are cynical, good, try it but take it properly and let it build up in your system. Personally it is one product that I will not be without and who knows it could even have saved my life."

Stephen McNicholas

"My arm has healed brilliantly"

"I have used Oralmat wound healing spray to assist in the healing of a 3rd degree burn on my left forearm. Thanks to the spray I did not need a skin graft and my arm has healed brilliantly.
I would like to congratulate you on your "herbal miracle" and was also hoping you could send me any literature you have on this marvellous product.

Janya Clemens

"After one week of Oralmat this cough disappeared"

"I have suffered from chronic acne for a period of 9 years, the last seven of which I have visited a doctor, a skin specialist, once a month and rarely in that time have I ever been free of acne. After first using the Schumacher Cosmetic Cream at night, I found that my skin began to clear up. Within 2 weeks my face was free of acne. Every night I apply the cream to pimples, both developed and blind, and find that by the next morning they have receded and clear up within 2 days. The cream moisturises my skin, my face feels good and my skin is in the best condition it has been since I first developed acne.


Virginia Renzella

"I could not have managed without them, they are constantly by my side"

"I had the Rhinoplasty operation last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I did suffer severe bruising, especially around my eyes - I looked like I had been in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson, big black and purple bruises with incredible swelling, my eyes were fully closed and I could hardly see for three days, they were so bloodshot, I had no white in my eyes, just red - it was very painful. So when I came around the next morning after surgery, I started to apply the spray around the eyes - I can honestly say that the bruising went from my eyes within 2-3 days - a miracle, they went from black/purple to a pale red within 2 days and then just a pink colour on day 3 and 4. I was so glad!! I can honestly say - I do not think the bruising and swelling would have gone down so quickly and painlessly without your spray and cream - I could not have managed without them, they are constantly by my side.

Miss Sharon Southwood


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